A home is a beautiful thing to have. A place where you can lay your head, and start building yourself up towards the future. It’s a place where you and your partner can start a family and lead the lives that you had always wanted with each other.

However, that home isn’t impervious to wear and tear. This is especially true of the roof. A good roof is the difference between spending happy days in the garden with you child, or paying great sums of money to repair the home while you are renting a hotel room.

So, what inspections can you make to help you prevent large problems?

1. The Attic.

This step may not apply to every home as not all have attics. But if yours does, this would be the first step you should take. The attic is directly underneath the roof and any problems with the roof will become immediately apparent when you visit the attic.

A leaking roof will show in the attic. Similarly, missing or broken shingles will let in more light into the attic than what should be in there. These missing tiles can cause problems when the weather turns.

Even if nothing is apparent, take your time to examine the underside of the roof thoroughly. Water may have dried, but it will leave behind a trail of evidence.

2. The Shingles.

Even though not every person uses them, they are the most widely used roofing material atop homes in America. These are meant to last atop your house for 12 to 15 years, with some even pushing to 20 years. In that time, they will have undergone some damage from the weather.
Take a walk around your house. If you see small sediments around, it’s a sign that the coating on your shingles is coming off. This coating is meant to protect the shingles from the harmful effects of UV rays.
When you take a closer look at the shingles, you will notice that the shingles will have lost the tough texture. This means that they are no longer effective at protecting your home and should be replaced immediately.


Another thing to look out for is for warped, broken, aged or missing shingles. The heat from your home can cause the shingles to warp upwards, which is all the gap the weather needs to destroy your home.
Wind can carry debris and smash them against your roofing, causing the shingles to break. And as a result of being exposed to the weather all day, every day, the shingles will undergo some wear and tear. As a result, they will age. At this point, you might need to make wholesale replacement of the roof.
A good reason you should inspect your roof often or hire a local roofing company to handle the roof inspection for you, is to help keep the costs of maintenance down, and possibly having to renovate your home. If you do notice that your roof is not up to standard, it would be best to make replacements before extensive damage is done to your home. If you would like us to come out and inspect your roof for you, don’t hesitate to call (386) 302-4162